DotheAethel.pngDo the Aethel

How to do the Aethel:

  1. Take a photo of you/friends/family/colleagues doing the pose of Our Aethel statue.

  2. Nominate a friend or group to do it too!

  3. Share your photo with us on social media @VisitTamworth Remember to hashtag #DoTheAethel 




Flickr gallery

Check out photos of people who have already done the Aethel in the Flickr gallery below! #DoTheAethel



Download and colour in your crown:

  1. Print off both left and right pieces of the crown on A4 paper
  2. Cut out your crown
  3. Colour in your crown
  4. Join both pieces together (sticky tape is the best option)
  5. Cut up a dotted line on both pieces of crown to fit your head

    Crown-left.pdf      Crown-right.pdf

Want to know more about Aethelflaed? Then check out our Aethelflaed page